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Modern performance with live music, singing and the  rhythm of Brazil. Our song selection features the best of Brazilian Popular music, mixing with classics of Soul, Bossa Nova and Sambas, such as Sergio Mendes, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Marcos Valle, Jorge Benjor, Astrud Gilberto, Bebel Gilberto, Frank Sinatra, Motown classics and the list goes on. 

Music selection also gives a new flavor and version for American Pop Music icons giving a Bossa Nova twist for Michael Jackson and Madonna songs.

The repertoire represents the perfect bridge between American & Brazilian culture, most songs are interpreted in English , Spanish and Portuguese versions and American songs are performed in Brazilian Samba Jazz style.

The Band is accompanied by high end qualified jazz musicians who showcase their talent on groovy instrumental funk/jazz songs.

She was born in São Paulo, the megalopolis city of Brazil.
The American Indian background explains her eccentric surname Brasil. She has been involved with entertainment since the age of 9.

Silvia Brasil holds a Degree is Mass Communications and owner of SB Enterprises operating since 2005 in the US, company that created ShowMix Productions, ArtBrazil® since 2011, Cabaret Carnaval, and her latest production NOVASOUL.

Miss Brasil worked in London (‘98) before moving to Australia in ’99, and Japan 2004. In 2005, after traveling to 12 countries in 8 years, she arrived in Miami Beach with many projects, joining the different cultures: Bossa Nova, Samba, Batucada with a South Beach twist. She has performed for numerous  TV shows and corporate events around the world in: Miami, Australia, Malaysia, Canada, Japan, China, Brazil and London.

NovaSoul Singer & producer

Jony was born in Buenos Aires, lived in Chile and Key West, and is currently based in Miami. He is a composer, singer and instrumentalist graduated from Florida International University (FIU).

With almost 20 years of experience, and a mixture of Latin and Brazilian influences, he brings a new energy to the Bossa/Soul fusion.

Jony, NovaSoul Singer, Producer & Guitarist


NOVASOUL Music Director, Producer and Pianist

He was playing the piano before he was born, his mother is a professional pianist and the sound of classical music and native sounds of bahia where flowing thru his veins prior his birth.Wil is a visionary and a natural performer, creating music that will give you chills is a natural effect for the sounds he creates.  He studied classical piano at the University of Salvador (UFBA), Wilson has been living in the United States for over 12 years, currently living and performing in South Florida.


NOVA SOUL music producer 

Natural from Argentina, based in Salvador Bahia, worked with Daniela Mercury for over 8 years, which received a few  Latin Grammys. 38 years of experience in the music industry he also worked with major icons of Brazilian music, such as: Cheiro de Amor, Pimenta N’ativa, Netinho, Vania Abreu, Gilberto Gil (Expresso 2222),  Carlinhos Brown, Timbalada, Carla Visi, Família Macêdo, Alfio Consoli, Alinne Rosa, Armandinho, Thathi, etc.

Nestor  Caballero (Bocha Caballero) He is the man!

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